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Music to Your Ears

As phones are continually gaining new technology, one of them is that phones are now MP3 players as well. There are many phones, smart and non smart, that allow you to buy or transfer music to your phone to where you can listen to it anywhere at any time. Many carriers have their own music stores such as Sprint’s Sprint Music Store or Verizon has a contract with Rhapsody to give you access to Rhapsody from your phone. I have replaced my iPod with my Blackberry and even have a song tagger application called Shazam that can listen to any song and tell me what it is. Music on phones is so far one of the greatest features a phone can have.


Word of Mouth

Just when we thought text messaging could not get any easier after the full qwerty keyboard phones came out, Microsoft is coming out with a new application that texts whatever you say. The “Tellme” application will be a new application for all Windows phones that types whatever you say. Tellme may be best known for its ability to dial whatever phone number comes out of the users mouth. Tell me also will allow the user to use a search engine the same way. It is coming soon for all Windows Moblie 6.5 phones, like the Touch Pro, and will eventually become an application for Blackberrys.

Knockoff the Knockoffs

They already knockoff handbags, why not add cell phones? China has recently started selling knockoff cell phones that look exactly like Blackberrys and iPhones but are made by groups of people in China. According to the story in the New York Times, the technological advances in China allow small businesses of only 10 people to recreate the most popular cell phones “for often as little as $35 a piece” with cheap batteries that could possibly explode.  Nokia is the worlds largest cell phone maker and is trying to bring a case to Beijing for counterfeiting. If the creations continue to get big and continue to sell, that could be another hit on our economy. Chinese mobile phone creators are already starting to hurt because of the underground cell phones.The people who are making the knockoff phones are hoping to move into foreign grounds with their new creations and have even brought a few of the phones to the United States.

Google Android… Literally!

Google has introduced the world’s first open source operating system: Android.  Their operating system, Android, will launch with T-Mobile’s G1. Some claim this is the best cell phone out there and is exactly what the iPhone should be. It is much like the iPhone with the different applications but the open source allows the user to easily switch one program while another one is still open. Hopefully other carriers will be able to take on the Android operating system which blows other systems like Opera out of the water. Opera is a browser superior to Internet Explorer and its creators or the Blackberry Internet Server that most Blackberrys run off of. The Android operating system is going to shape the future of cell phones and technology.

Verizon iPhone

Like I blogged about before, the iPhone’s exclusive contract with AT&T is slowly winding down. Word on the street is that Verizon will have it as soon as 2010. If Verizon does get the iPhone the phone will have to run off of Verizon’s CDMA network making it much faster than the AT&T’s GSM network. For all the other networks, this could mean big competition and big bucks for Verizon.

3G Defined

We’ve all seen the commercials talking about 3G networks but what does it mean? 3G stands for Third Generation and refers to the cellular networks like Verison and Sprint’s CDMA and AT&T’s GSM. 3G networks allow cell phones to download music, send video messages, and surf the internet at broadband speeds. Sprint is about to launch the newest 4G network. Who knows what that will do to the cell phone world!

Big ol Bluetooths

Most of us make fun of them, some of us are afraid of them, and some of us may even have one. I’m talking about a Bluetooth. They are really not all that bad and being hands free isn’t something to be afraid of or to be against. I do have one and use it when my phone is dead, while I clean or get ready. The best time to use a Bluetooth is when you are driving. A few states and cities like California and Dallas have outlawed driving and talking on your phone. Being hands free is safe and all drivers should use one.

Phone Recycling Programs

As going green, helping the environment, and others is becoming more predominant in our society cell phone companies are starting to help out as well. In my “News Digest” you can read a full article on recycling your phones. Each carrier does something a little different. AT &T offers free shipping labels to the Cell Phones for Soldiers program, Sprint offers up to $50 for your old phones and proceeds from the recycled phones go to Project Connect which helps promote internet safety. Verizon Wireless has an entire program devoted to donating phones to domestic violence organizations called “Hopeline.” Reguardless if you have Sprint, T-Moblie, or Metro PCS, you should donate any and all phones and help out someone in need.


What is one of the best phones on paper but worst phones in reality? Any HTC phone. It doesn’t matter which phone you have from this horrible brand, they all mess up. I used to own one of these phones, the Mogul. It had a touch-screen with a slide out key board and every time I was on the phone i would somehow open up many different documents. It was truly unfortunate. I was very thankful to get rid of that phone. If you happen to be looking for a touch-screen phone with a slide out key board I suggest the Palm Pre.

A World Full of Touchscreens

As I was browsing around looking at the new phones, I noticed on thing they all had in common. Touch-screens. Luckily, the majority of them have a slide out keyboard which makes texting much easier. Personally, I do not like touch-screens. I have had a touch-screen phone before and I was always hitting the wrong button or my earrings would hit things while I was on the phone. Not only do are the screens more apt to crack or scratch on touch-screen phones because they are calibrated to feel a persons fingers. What happened to the good old phones that were not touchscreen? I vote that the engineers behind these phones come out with another smart phone that is not touchscreen.